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White Chicken Enchiladas

In our small town of 8,500 people, we have three Mexican restaurants. The majority of the businesses in Booneville, Mississippi, rest within the sweetest little downtown area and a main strip along “Old Highway 45,” that’s no more than two miles long. That’s being generous, and we have THREE Mexican restaurants on that strip.

I like to refer to them as South, Central & North Mexico. Central Mexico was our favorite for a long time, but North Mexico has been growing on us lately. They have those super thin tortilla chips, and they serve them warm so here lately, they’ve been winning us over.

But, sometimes, it’s nice to have something a little different, so instead of hitting up North Mexico for our usual weekly date night, I decided to make these White Chicken Enchiladas instead. My husband and kids LOVED them, and my husband even gave me his stamp of approval by letting me know he’d be just as happy eating a plate full of these enchiladas as he would eating another fiesta fajita bowl at Los Abuelos.

The details:

More often than not, I opt for making recipes as simple as possible. I stay on-the-go, and I don’t always have time to prepare every ingredient from scratch. So with these white chicken enchiladas, I started with a rotisserie chicken. To be fully transparent, I would have started with a rotisserie even if I had time to spare because they’re always so tender and good.

I mixed the rotisserie chicken with some sour cream, a little green enchilada sauce, mozzarella cheese, cilantro and some classic Mexican spices and then spooned the mixture into some flour tortillas. I tossed the filled tortillas in a casserole dish and covered them with more green enchilada sauce, sour cream, mozzarella cheese and a few red onions, then baked them until the cheese was melted and bubbly, and that’s it!

The toppings:

At this point, the enchiladas are done and already delicious, but the toppings are what really make this dish stand out from all the rest.

I used finely chopped red onion, cilantro, jalapeños and limes, but you could also use black olives, black beans, fire-roasted corn and more. The options are endless, and you really can’t go wrong with these.

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