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Creamy Chicken, Mushroom & Wild Rice Soup

Because it's soup season and this recipe is delicious! Chicken, fresh vegetables, cream and lots of fresh thyme--this recipe is giving me all the Fall vibes and good feels right now, and you'll feel them as soon as you eat it, too!

I am a big fan of soup season! Don’t mistake that for being a big fan of Fall..haha! I’m not a fan of the cold, and I know it will be here soon. But, I am, most definitely, a lover of all simple, one-pan or one-pot recipes, especially when the cooking they involve consists of pushing a single button on the crockpot and coming back a few hours later to a fully cooked, delicious meal!

That’s one of the reasons I love this recipe. It’s very easy! The rest of my love for this recipe comes in the form of chicken…and mushrooms…AND wild rice. There are lots of Fall-friendly food pairs around, but the three above are just a few of my faves, and I tossed them in the crockpot with some veggies, chicken broth, half-and-half & some fresh herbs and spices for an extremely comforting, yummy soup recipe to kick off the most magical time of the year for moms with day jobs…ha!

The Details

Don’t cook anything. For someone who cooks every single day, those are my kind of details for an evening off! The chicken is store-bought, and I promise, you can’t find better chicken for this recipe than a rotisserie chicken. The rice? Boxed. Ben’s Original to be exact, and you’ll use the rice along with the seasoning packet, so don’t throw it out.

Toss some diced shallots and carrots in the pot with a little chicken broth, half-and-half and milk. Add a package of sliced mushrooms, and the rest is all about the BUTTER, herbs & spices. Butter is capitalized, because you need 1/4 cup for this recipe, and the end result is worth every ounce of buttery goodness—promise! About the spices, please use fresh thyme if you can. The difference in the flavor is incredible, and you will know you used fresh thyme once you taste it. I also suggest adding a little flour to give the broth a little bit more of a creamy, comforting feel to it and the rest is up to your crockpot settings (low and slow for 6 hours).

Here's the Recipe:


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