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8 Easy Recipes for Your Halloween Snack Table

If you're in need of some inspiration for your spooky Halloween snack table, look no further! I've made a list of the trendiest snacks of the season. Make these to take to the office or enjoy them with the kids at home. They're simple, "spooky" and super cute!

1. Fizzy Purple Potion (Blackberry Punch)

Isn’t this such a pretty drink?? I am a big fan of all things blackberry: cobbler, jam, even blackberries on pizza with Brie cheese and balsamic vinegar—yum! I’m even writing a book with my late mother (yes, you read that right) about picking blackberries. One day, I’ll be able to share it with you, and I cannot wait!

It’s my love of blackberries that made this recipe stand out, and then I read it: lemon sparkling water, cranberry juice, grape juice and frozen blueberries. Soo simple and refreshing and the perfect beverage for your Halloween snack table. Get the recipe...

2. Nutter Butter Ghosts

I could eat myself sick with Nutter Butter cookies. Dip them in white chocolate?! Yes, please!

I don’t think a Halloween cookie could get any easier to make. Plus, I love the blog this recipe comes from because it includes several additional recipes for a kid-friendly Halloween charcuterie board. Get the recipe...

3. Pumpkin Meatball Biscuits

Better Homes & Gardens for the win! Last year, I made a Halloween charcuterie board, which included baked Brie in puff pastry with Apple Butter. I wrapped the puff pastry with string to form a pumpkin, and it was the cutest thing! Super yummy, too, if you want to try it.

BHG has the same concept, but these have little meatballs inside, and far too often, Halloween snack tables are sweet heavy and neglect the savory goodies. With these Pumpkin Meatball Biscuits, you won’t have to worry about that! Get the recipe...

4. Chocolate Pretzel Spider Webs

Who doesn’t love chocolate covered pretzels?! They’re the perfect combination of salty and sweet, and this snack takes barely any time to throw together.

These would be great for a Halloween table, and I could also see these cute little things on a Charlotte’s Web themed birthday party snack table. Get the recipe...

5. Deviled Eggs

Those deep colors, y’all! Okay—don’t let me lose you when I say this next word. Beets. I’m the last person to go for anything beet. Is it “sac relig” to have a food blog and say I think beets taste like dirt? I hope not because I’m not a fan. BUT, with these, the beets are smashed so fine and puréed with the egg yolks for color that you don’t even notice you’re eating beats.

I personally think these are the coolest Halloween deviled eggs on the internet, which is why they made it to my website, to this post & hopefully, to your Halloween party snack table. Seriously—try them before knocking them, and I bet you’ll be surprised! Get the recipe...

6. Reese's Snicker Doodle Spider Cookies

These super simple snickerdoodle cookies with Reese’s peanut butter cups are sure to be a big hit with anyone who is lucky enough to try them.

These served alongside the chocolate covered pretzel spider webs would make the perfect Halloween sweet snack pair! Like much of the other snacks on this post, these can be made ahead, which is a big plus for busy moms!

These would also be GREAT wrapped in a cellophane goody bag and passed out to eager trick-or-treaters. Get the recipe...

7. No-knead Ghost Fougasse Bread

I haven’t made these yet, but I have them on my list! They’d be great with hummus, fruit jams, bruschettas, baked Brie and so much more!

Made with no-knead dough, a little sugar and olive oil…“crisp on the outside, soft on the inside,” and exactly what I’d want with some cheese or salami. Get the recipe...

8. Halloween Charcuterie

I couldn’t complete a Halloween snack post without sharing a GORGEOUS Halloween charcuterie board. This one is beautiful!

I love how classy it looks, and it includes soo many of my favorites. With a charcuterie board like this one, you can include more savory options on your snack table that will keep your guests fully satisfied. Olives, berries, cheese, salami, and more; this board is one of the best boards I’ve seen so far this season.


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