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Vanilla, Almond and Plumcot Sheetcake

One of the yummiest cakes I have made! The stone-fruit is a mix between a plum and apricot, and it makes this already delicious cake even more incredible. Plus, it's beautiful to look at and sure to wow your guests.

I've never met a fruit I didn't like. Our six-year-old would eat a bowl of nothing but fruit every night for supper if we'd let him. I grew up in Tennessee--pie and cobbler country--where we take a perfectly good, fresh fruit, add a ton of sugar and butter, and then cook it until it's nothing close in resemblance to its natural state...and it's absolutely delicious every time!

Here lately, though, I've been venturing out. I never ate much stone fruit when I was little, except maybe a few peaches here and there, and because of that, I didn't know how much I would love plums. I always thought that just was a fruit my grandparents ate, so as a kid, if my grandparents liked it, I was certain I wouldn't...ha!

I couldn't have been more wrong. I love plums, and I also love living in the year 2022 because someone decided to have a stroke of genius and mix a plum with an apricot so now we have plumcots. Apriums? Pluots? Apriplums? Not really sure what to call them, so I stick with plumcots because it's more fun to say. Here's what I do know; no matter what you call these little things, they're incredible to use if you're in the mood to make a rustic-looking cake.

Next time you're at the grocery store, see if you can spot some plumcots; pick up a bag and then come back to this recipe to make this cake. It has such a soft, sweet balanced flavor and the stone-fruit is a delicious addition to an already incredible cake. I have no doubt you will love it!


The Galloways

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