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Tri Colored Bean Chili

Everyone's favorite hearty, cold weather recipe.

Do any of you remember that crazy winter storm coming through during Winter of 2021 and covering the majority of the Southern United States with a solid sheet of ice for like a week? I live in Mississippi, so for us, when we say we got 4 inches of snow on the ground, we're probably including the inches between the ground and the tops of the blades of grass on which the snow fell. You've got to give it to us--we just don't see a lot of snow.

But, that storm was nuts. Everyone in my region of the United States was off work for an entire week because we literally couldn't get out of our driveways. On one of those days, my husband and I walked about a mile down the road to a convenient store, and even that proved to be a difficult task. The only people who were there drove utility vehicles to get there, or they covered their tires with chains-- IN MISSISSIPPI.

Just saying, I wouldn't mind having another week off work for snow, so I'm probably going to include that in my prayers tonight.

It was cold, y'all, but we were prepared. Not your traditional, go grab all the bread & milk prepared, but prepared to cook the most comforting meal a person can eat when it's so stinking snowy, and that, friends, is a bowl of hot, hearty chili.

The good thing about this recipe is that it probably took you longer to read to this part of this post than it will to make this recipe. Other than browning the beef, all you have to do is open a few cans and simmer everything together. Another thing I love about this recipe is that it is more complex than traditional pinto bean chili. I've never met a chili I didn't like, but having a mix of pinto, kidney & black beans makes this recipe a keeper.

This recipe is also very kid-friendly because it's a little lighter on the spices.

When you fix this chili, you'll want sure to have a big pan of cornbread to have on the side. Much like bacon, everything is better with a little cornbread. I hope you enjoy, and I also hope this recipe provides a little bit of warmth for your family on a cold day!


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