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Rainbow Fruit Toast with Mascarpone & Honey


Some of my happiest late spring and summer days are spent with a bowl of the freshest strawberries, the juiciest peaches or the sweetest blueberries. I love all fruits, really, and the warmer months are the BEST months for trying these fruits when they're in their prime.

That's why I made these toasts! I've been trying to eat a little on the fresher side, so a few days ago, I bought some fresh fruit and paired them with some mascarpone, honey & my favorite herbs, and they were absolutely delicious!!

Mascarpone Cheese

The word "Mascarpone" has always sounded so fancy to me, and it would seem like something you'd have to search high & low for. Thankfully, it's super easy to find! Mascarpone is an Italian cream cheese, and it's very similar to the cream cheese you're used to eating; however, it's made from whole cream instead of milk, giving it a deeper, richer flavor which is just what we need to make these toasts!!

Fruit Toast Recipes & Combinations

  • Strawberry, Mascarpone & Honey + Basil

  • Peach, Mascarpone & Honey + Thyme

Try some herbs with your fruit!! Strawberry & basil are a real showstopper together, and peach with thyme is a classic combination. You can't go wrong with either!

  • Blackberry, Mascarpone & Honey

  • Blueberry Mascarpone & Honey

Tips for the perfect fruit toasts

  • Don't just crisp the bread. TOAST it! You want to achieve a medium-brown color when you're toasting the bread so your toast doesn't get soggy when you add the mascarpone cheese & honey.

  • You can use any bread you like, but I highly recommend English breakfast bread (or similar) fresh from the bakery section of your local grocery store. It holds together so well for these recipes!

  • Not too little and not too heavy on the mascarpone. You want to cover the toast enough to not see it through the spread, but you don't want to sink your teeth into a massive pile of mascarpone either, so easy does it.

  • Be generous with the honey. While you don't want to add honey like you would syrup to pancakes, it's the honey that makes these little toasts extra special. So, don't be afraid to have a heavy pour.

  • Enjoy when the toasts are fresh. Fresh is best, and the longer these sit, the soggier they get, so eat them when you make them and ENJOY!


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