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Pear and Prosciutto Flatbread with Honey, Pecans, Brie Cheese, Thyme and Rosemary

Savory prosciutto, warm & gooey brie cheese, sweet pears and honey...just a few star ingredients of this flatbread, and it's sooo, soo good! This recipe can be ready in under 20 minutes--it's super easy and will leave you wanting more. I cannot wait for you to try it!

Anyone else in the mood for Fall recipes? Just for the record, I’m not saying I’m ready for Fall…ha! You’ll get to know fairly quickly that I’m pretty positive I was made to be outdoors in warm, sunny weather, and on that same note, I’m not a fan of the cold. Winter comes after Fall, so I’m doing my best to soak up every last moment of warm weather I can get. With that in mind, however, some of my most favorite recipes are made on crisp, cool nights when the leaves are falling, and even if I’m not the biggest fan of cold weather, I am a MAJOR fan of good food.

What better way to prepare for the super yummy recipes that are just ahead than to make one now with a few of my favorite early Fall staples?! And, this flatbread has it all: pears, prosciutto, pecans, honey, thyme and Brie cheese…oh my!

It’s unreal how much has changed since I was a little girl and my mom was buying all of our groceries. I grew up with the finest traditional Southern comfort food this world could offer: lots of steak since I grew up on a cattle farm, casseroles galore, and a whole bunch of farm fresh vegetables. Mom was a master in the kitchen, too, and she loved making large meals for the family; although, deep down I believe she did it for Dad because he loved to eat as much as she loved making big meals for him to eat.

As much as Mom loved to cook, she generally liked to stick with what she knew. I’m not complaining, either, because she could make a mean meatloaf, and her squash casserole is just about the best I’ve ever tried. But, that also means I didn’t realize there were people in this world who put fruit on pizza, and the first time I saw it, I wasn’t too sure what to think.

Not only did fruit on pizza weird me out a little, but I also thought prosciutto took an unnecessary amount of work for such a small piece of “meat.” That must have been my ribeye-over-fed-brain doing the talking because I quickly changed my mind the first time I tried mozzarella cheese wrapped in prosciutto…baby steps, y’all. Baby steps.

Now, we get to live in a time with an Instagram, Food Network and a Magnolia Table with Joanna Gaines—there are new recipes EVERYWHERE, and I absolutely love it. Don’t get me wrong, I am still a major fan of some down-home Southern cooking, and I’d give anything to be able sit with my parents and enjoy another meal made by my mom, but I’m also grateful for the opportunity to see new recipe ideas daily and my husband is grateful he gets to taste test them…at least he tells me he is. He was a little suspicious at first about this Pear & Prosciutto flatbread, but when we were finished eating, there wasn’t any left.

The Details:

It is sooo good!! There are so many ingredients in this one recipe that work well as a pair: Brie cheese & honey, pears and honey, pears and Brie cheese, and on and on…I wanted to try using all of them for one recipe, and I am glad I did because it’s a new favorite in our household, and once you try it, it’ll be a new favorite in your household, too. There aren’t too many measurements involved in this recipe, which is another reason I loved making it. Just keep throwing on those toppings until it feels right.


Use a mandolin slicer for the pears because the thinner slices soften up so nicely when this is baked.

Pre-Bake the Flatbread:

Brush the flatbread with a little olive oil and pre-bake at 400 degrees to help soften the Brie and give your final flatbread a nice crisp with every bite.

Brie Cheese:

Use room temperature Brie so it is already soft. After baking, it will be melted, gooey and absolutely delicious!


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