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Maple Pumpkin Butter Cake Bars with Vanilla & Espresso Glaze

Tieghan Gerard with Half Baked Harvest is at it again. She made these recently, so I tried them with our BRAND NEW Maple Pumpkin Butter (which is incredible I should add), and they're delicious. The perfect dessert for a Thanksgiving meal...just saying!

If fall were a dessert, this would be it. Everything about them is delicious from the brown sugar and spice to the maple pumpkin butter and everything in between. They're soft, and so incredibly good it's hard to describe with words. I'm a fan of all dessert bar recipes, but this one just about tops the charts.

I found this recipe from the Half Baked Harvest website, so while I did not create it myself, I am changing the name only slightly, because these little heavenly squares of buttery goodness are fluffy and cake-like, but they'd also fit the script for a dessert bar so I think "cake bar" is the best way to describe the consistency of this dessert. But, again, it's really hard to describe how delicious these are with words, so I think the best bet is to share the recipe so you can make them and try them for yourselves!

The bars alone are incredible, but when you add the espresso glaze, there's a whole lot of "whoa Nelly" in every single bite. Try them so you can taste what I mean!


The Galloways

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