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Lemon & Garlic Butter Salmon with Caper Chimichurri

Salmon nights are my jam, y'all, and I am keeping it simple, quick and super delicious with this Lemon & Garlic Butter Salmon recipe. The Caper Chimichurri is just the icing on the cake, and it will make you want to keep this salmon on a regular rotation for those lazy nights when you're in the mood for something slightly fancy and something fast.

There are some days I have no plans for dinner, no energy for shopping and no desire to cook. Let's face it, friends, even the top chefs at all the 5-star restaurants need a break every once in awhile. Almost every time I make salmon begins that very same way...on a whim when I am needing a break, and it's always delicious.

When I made this salmon, I followed the same process I've followed a million times before, but this time, I was craving chimichurri while also reminiscing about some salmon I tried on our anniversary trip to California, which was served with a lemon-caper sauce. I wanted to combine the two, and it worked!

Caper Chimichurri

It's as good as it sounds, if not a little bit better. Plus, it's easy to make, which is great for a mid-week dinner.

Have you ever had steak with chimichurri? It's delicious, right?! You'll be happy to learn chimichurri is extremely easy to make, and in its most basic form, it only requires 6 ingredients:

chopped parsley, garlic, red pepper flakes, salt, olive oil and red-wine vinegar. Seriously, such a good combination of flavors!

For this salmon, I wanted just a little more flavor in my sauce, and I also wanted to find a way to include capers. So, I added them to the chimichurri with some shallots, and then I chopped some dill to pair with the parsley for a fuller combination of flavors I knew would work amazingly well with fish.

This is seriously so good, y'all.

If you make this Lemon & Garlic Butter Salmon with Caper Chimichurri, be sure to leave a comment! I love to hear from everyone and will do my best to respond. Also, if you make this recipe, I'd love to see it on Instagram! Tag me so I can see photos of the recipes you've made!!

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