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How to Create a Fall Tablescape Without Breaking the Bank

My BEST tips to creating a beautiful tablescape without breaking the bank. You can use these tips to create gorgeous tablescapes that are easy to transition throughout each season by making only a few minor changes.

Don't you just LOVE the colors?! My friends joke with me quite a bit about my "colorless" taste because I tend to stay away from bold colors when I make purchases, and I stick with neutrals like grays, whites and tans. But, when I show them a photo of something I've decorated, they love it every single time.

It's not that I don't like bold colors. Instead, I enjoy working with a soft, clean color palette and then accenting with bold colors, so I can have the beautiful dining room decor without spending a fortune every time I am ready to transition to a new season. Over the years, I have learned how to carefully purchase items I can use for every tablescape I create, instead of purchasing new every season, and the very best thing about this method is how simple and inexpensive it is to transition whenever I am ready.

Let me show you what I mean...

The first photo is of a tablescape Kendall helped me with back in February, and the photo on the right is the tablescape I just finished for Fall. I used the same set of white dinner plates for each table setting, which is the same set I use for every table setting. That decision alone creates a minimum savings of $35 per table, and dinner plates can get expensive quickly.

I also used the same drinkware and flatware for each table. I am not fully opposed to changing flatware because while there might be a little additional expense, you can't beat a nice set of matte gold flatware on a Fall table, and since flatware requires very little storage space, it might be worth it to buy a second set. If you have the extra space, go for it because matte gold flatware is BEAUTIFUL with a Fall setting.

What else doesn't change??

While this list may seem heavy, the key is that you only have to purchase them once. Once you have these items on your table, that's where they will stay!

  • Wooden Dough Bowl - This is one of my absolute favorite things about my tablescapes. My husband purchased our large dough bowl for me as a gift when we were on our honeymoon. It makes the perfect centerpiece because I can load it with pretty flowers and whatever seasonal piece I find to tuck in between all the pretties; plus, it's low to the table so it doesn't block the view of others sitting around our table.

  • Braided Table Runner - Another consistent part of every table I decorate. It's neutral, and it still adds a delicate touch while creating just enough of a texture break on a bare table or if it's used on top of a tablecloth.

  • Eucalyptus Garland - This is where some BIG savings comes into play. Quality faux floral can get pricey, so I use the exact same garland as a base in my wooden dough bowl for every tablescape. It takes up a good bit of a space, so it is the perfect filler to start with and it's super easy to add additional faux floral accents to.

  • White Hydrangeas - They’re in all of my centerpieces because they’re big and fluffy, so they take up the right amount of space; yet, they’re not too distracting. Hydrangeas are great to use as a consistent player, but you could use any larger flower in a neutral color to serve the same purpose.

  • Dusty Blue Berries - This is my consistent go-to as a small filler in all of my centerpieces. I use grays and dusty blues throughout my home decor, so these berries help pull in the colors from the rest of my home to blend seamlessly with every tablescape I create.

  • Linen Napkins - Technically, I change the linen napkins for each tablescape; however, I only use two sets. One is a flax linen napkin set, and the other is a dusty, navy blue set, and I can use either set throughout the entire year to create whatever look I'm going for. Skip the bold patterns, and go with solid-colored linen napkins so you can purchase less and use them more often.

  • Placemats - Repeat everything I just said about my linen napkins. I have two sets of placemats I use for every table. The rectangle gray linen placemats are perfect for romantic settings, Winter settings & Christmas settings, and the woven placemats are perfect for Spring, Summer and Fall settings. Remember my favorite rule..."purchase less, use more."

The things that do change

This is where you get to play with bold colors, fun patterns and all the good stuff! You’ll notice this list is shorter than the first, which is a very good thing! This is the list that changes—the seasonal purchases—and keeping this list to a minimum means keeping money in your pocket. Win, win!

  • Candles & Candle Holders - This is one of my favorite areas to play! I like to use an assortment of candles: some that stay lower to the table and some that add height and dimension. In the tablescape from February, I used mercury glass votive candles holders and whitewashed, antiqued candlestick holders. For the Fall tablescape, I went with two different sizes of gold candlestick holders. I'll include a second link for these I found on Etsy because they are super fun and come in all sizes. You could also purchase glass stem candle holders to hold pillar candles inside your dough bowl centerpiece—there’s really no way to go wrong in this category, and it’s the part where you get to add your own personality and special touch to your tablescapes.

  • Statement Items for Centerpiece - Sometimes, I’ll choose bigger flowers in brighter colors as a statement for my dough bowl. This past Valentine's Day, I purchased some bright pink peonies to tuck inside the dough bowl, and they were perfect to leave during Spring and Summer, too. For Easter, you could purchase some rabbits to use in the centerpiece, or for Summer, accent with yellow yarrow or roses. For my Fall centerpiece, I purchased some large white pumpkins and an assortment of smaller pumpkins in white and soft green colors. I also used these yellow chestnut stems as an accent because they remind me of cool Fall nights, and I LOVED the warm brown colors of these olive branches paired with these eucalyptus leaves. As a side note, this autumn eucalyptus is one of the prettiest I've ever seen, and I think they'd be stunning standing alone in a large vase as shown on Etsy.

Get creative

I believe anyone can do this, and it's so much fun creating a warm inviting space at your dinner table for your guests. I hope you can find some inspiration here, but I also want you to trust yourself enough to add your own special touch and personality to your tablescapes. If you don't have much to begin with, start with some neutrals and get your basics taken care of first. Once you have those purchased, the rest is "easy peasy."

I can't wait to see what all you come up with!

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