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Honey, Cilantro & Lime Chicken Thighs

We eat Mexican nearly once every week. Actually, in our small town of Booneville, Mississippi, we have three Mexican restaurants within a mile from one another. We prefer Central Mexico. They bring salsa AND bean dip topped with queso to the table, and you can’t go wrong with either one!

Their Hawaiian quesadilla is my jam. Are you on the no cooked pineapple team, or do you like to shake things up a little like me? The quesadilla I get has ham, bacon, chicken and pineapple, and it’s addictive. I might have to create my own at home sometime soon.

Not today, though—because today, we’re having another one of my favorite recipes from south of the border. These honey, cilantro and lime chicken thighs are like a fiesta in a pan. Seriously. They’re the bomb. Let me give you some reasons why.

Chicken Thighs:

Nine times out of ten, if I am preparing a recipe that calls for chicken, I’m using thighs. They’re extremely forgiving, always juicy and hard to mess up. For this recipe, I’m leaving the skin on because it crisps up so nicely and makes for the most beautiful final results.

Cilantro & Lime:

I know, two different ingredients. But, since they’re featured together so often, I felt like I couldn’t separate the pair. Cilantro is just one of those herbs people love or hate, no middle ground I don’t believe. We love it because it makes certain recipes taste so much more fresh, and it always adds a pretty pop of color. Lime can be used in everything Mexican-inspired. That fresh spritz of citrus will take your recipes to the next level.


Oh, sweet, sweet honey. It’s perfect in this dish because it mixes so well with the sour flavor of the lime and the spicy punch of garlic to create the most delicious blend of flavors. It’s comforting, and this recipe would be so lonely without it.


I use a lot of minced garlic straight from the jar when I’m creating recipes. Is that a no-no? I have to “choose my battles” when I cook. Quite often, my day job involves me driving to courthouses across Northeast Mississippi, so after spending eight hours on the road, mincing cloves of garlic just isn’t the battle for me. I promise I won’t judge if you do the same because nearly every recipe I create calls for minced garlic—for good reason, too!! It adds a punch of intense, fragrant flavor to marinades, soups, bread dips and so much more!

Cumin, Coriander and Chili Powder:

All are some of my favorite earthy-flavored spices to use when I’m cooking Mexican food. Cumin is a bit warm. Coriander is a little lighter and comes from the seeds of a cilantro plant, and chili powder is a savory, mildly-spicy ingredient used in many international recipes. Using all three together for this recipe is a no-brainer. Try it—it’s the yummiest!!


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