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Gifts for Women

This is my dream list, friends! Birthdays, Christmas gifts, gifts of encouragement, or gifts "just because," this gift guide contains some major hits for all the special women in your life: the Pura smart diffuser, a jade roller, an acacia wood cake plate, an electric salt & pepper grinder set, silk eye masks, Capri Blue Volcano candle, and I could keep going...I don't think you could go wrong with anything from this list, so enjoy the shopping and happy gifting!

Pura diffuser

My sister-in-law gave me one of these for my birthday, and I LOVE it! I always love the way my house smells when I use plug in diffusers, but I also got frustrated with how quickly the scents seemed to get depleted. There was no "off" button, so they ran until they were either unplugged or they ran out of fragrance.

Not with this diffuser!! It's a smart diffuser that comes with a downloadable app for your phone. I have mine set to come on Monday - Friday about 30 minutes before I get home from work, and it powers off by itself before I go to bed. On the weekends, it runs from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m., and I can also control the intensity levels for each fragrance. The fragrances are the best part, too! There are scents by Anthropologie, Capri Blue, NEST New York, and, there's no doubt this gift will be a hit with anyone who receives it!

Stitch Fix Subscription ($25 credit through the link below!)

This is one of my favorite things I've ever gifted to myself. Truly! Once every 3 months, I receive a box with 5 items in it, ranging from tops to booties, work pants, jewelry, dresses, and so on.

With Stitch Fix, you get a personal stylists who sends you clothes based on style quizzes you take and suggestions you make throughout the year. Keep what you want. Send back the rest. It's awesome!

After a couple of boxes, my stylist got to know my tastes very well, and no kidding, she chooses better for me than I would choose on my own, so if you know a lady who really enjoys clothes but isn't too keen on shopping, a Stitch Fix Subscription would be an AMAZING gift. She can receive items curated for a work wardrobe, pajamas, workout clothes and just about anything else she'd like. These boxes are highly customizable, which is why they are the top clothing subscription service around.

"Grace for Today" devotional book

Most of the women I know are on-the-go constantly: working their day jobs, cleaning the house, cooking the meals, caring for the kids, and that barely scratches the surface of the super-hero ladies I personally know. We go, go, go...sometimes forgetting to focus on the One Who allows us to keep going.

Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth. 2 Timothy 2:15
Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is anew creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come. 2 Corinthians 5:17

Those are just two of the 180 scripture references in this book of mini devotions, which is the perfect gift for the women who desire to start their morning by spending a few minutes with God.

Gifts for the kitchen

Quiche dish-Simple and sweet, this is the gift for the women who like to host and enjoy a little extra time in the kitchen making special treats like quiches or fruit tarts. They also make super cute pies that have crusts with clean edges.

Double oven mitt-This is a must for any person who bakes: cakes, casseroles, pies, lasagnas...anything that has to go in and out of the oven. I didn't know how much I loved these double oven mitts until I had some of my own, but they're so easy to use and look cute hanging over the oven handle. No more fumbling around with multiple mitts-- this is the only oven mitt needed!

Cake plate- I'm pretty sure most women you know have a cake plate already. For the longest, I was rocking one of those glass cake plates that doubled as a trifle dish if you flipped the lid over and set it into the base of the cake plate. But, then my husband bought me one of these, and I loved it. It's got the farmhouse look to it, and I've used it for MANY cakes and pies, but when I'm not using it for baked goods, it sits beside my range top as a stand for my crock of utensils (silicone utensils, another great gift for women!), and it also holds my oil & vinegar and my ramekin of kosher salt. The point is, not only is this a great gift for someone who likes to display cakes and pies, but it's also great to use as a stand for various items.

Electric salt & pepper grinder set- Another great gift for the special women in your life. These little things are WONDERFUL and make it possible to have fresh cracked black pepper and salt without all the hand grinding. Just press the button and voila!

Beautiful boards book

Do you know someone who loves making charcuterie boards? I bet the answer is a big YES, and I'd be willing to bet you know more than one person who would love this book. I have it and even used it in a Giveaway because I enjoyed mine so much. It is full of amazing charcuterie boards and great ideas for any occasion you could think of.

Gifts for comfort

Lightweight Waffle Robe-This robe is super soft and absorbent. It's lightweight and comes just to the knee, so that adds a lot of comfort value, too--perfect for wearing to the pool during travel or to just wear around the house.

Cozy sock slippers-These sock slippers are the coziest, comfiest little things, and I live in mine after work during the cold months. If I could get away with wearing them around my office, I'd do that, too--ha!

Wearable blanket-Okay, so those who know me well know that I am always freezing. I keep my office space heater on at all times, even during the summers because the air conditioning is waayy too cold. If you know someone as cold natured as I am, this is the best gift!

House Slippers-These slippers are the next best thing to the sock slippers. They're soo very soft, stylish, and they're super easy to slip on as opposed to the slippers that come with backs. Here lately, I've been seeing them all over Instagram, which tells me there are lots of people who love them as much as I do.

Volcano candle

This is, by far, my favorite candle scent. Capri Blue also makes a Blue Jean scent I love almost as much as Volcano. My love for this scent is another reason I've become obsessed with my Pura smart diffuser because I can diffuse the scent all day long without burning a candle, and then I can light my Volcano candle when I am hosting house guests.

The gift of pampering

Salt scrub-There's nothing that rejuvenates the skin any better than a great salt scrub, and this one is AMAZING. It has more 5-star reviews than most others I've used, and I credit that for how soft my skin feels when I use it. It helps remove dry, flaky skin, and it's infused with lychee oil to leave skin feeling moisturized.

Silk mask-These silk masks have quite the effect on tired eyes. They're soothing and help put me in a relaxed, deep sleep, and there's so much value in a good night's rest. Studies also show that using a silk mask while sleeping helps reduce puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, so I'm confident this gift will be well-received.

Jade roller-With the same thought of the silk masks, jade rollers can also work wonders for tired, puffy eyes and skin. I received my first one in a FabFitFun subscription box and didn't know what I was missing until I started using one. They're marketed as an anti-aging tool, and I don't know enough to confirm that, but I can say I always feel incredibly relaxed after using mine. The jade roller is supposed to be cooled and then rolled on the face, and when I use mine, I roll pretty hard...ha! There's legitimate science behind stress relief from pressure points, and that's basically what the jade roller does. Using one is like getting a fancy face massage in the comfort of your own home.

Essential oil rollers-There's an essential oil for every ailment you can imagine. When our daughter is feeling congested, we diffuse peppermint and lemon oils, and they clear her up quickly. There are oils for headaches, nausea and even some with anti-viral qualities. My favorites are the ones for sleep, relaxation, and stress relief. These essential oil rollers will do just that! I use mine on my wrists, and the subtble fragrance has such a calming effect throughout the day and puts me right to sleep at bedtime, making this another super awesome gift for the special women in your life.


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