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Gifts for Men

An Apple Watch, a super-slim wallet, slippers, caps by Patagonia & Under Armour, an iPad, an Eno hammock....this list is FULLY LOADED with lots of awesome gift ideas for the special man in your life, so sit back and get ready to browse. As always, happy gifting!

House slippers

These speak for themselves! They might be a smaller gift, but they'll be well-received. Promise. We all like to be cozy in the comfort of our own homes, and the same is true for the men in your life. These house slippers will help with that.

Emergency kit

A 19-in-1 emergency kit that contains a pocket knife, a compass, a window shatterer, a wire saw, a fire starter and a whistle...just to name a few of the many tools this kit has inside. It's fully loaded! I personally believe everyone needs to have one of these in the front seat of his or her vehicle, but they're also well-loved by men who enjoy going camping or fishing. This kit has a solid 5-star rating on Amazon, so I am certain it your favorite guy will love it, too!

Hey Dudes Shoes

I included these shoes in the list for teen boys, too, because they're one of the highest rated casual shoe for all men, young and grown. For good reason, too! My sister actually has a pair of these (yep, they make them for women!), and she loves hers. I tried them on one time, and apart from my boat-feet being a tad too big for hers, I can easily see why they'd be a favorite. They're incredibly comfortable and lightweight, providing support while also giving the feeling of being barefoot.

Devotional books

Battle Cry: Wage & Winning the War Within

In a culture that tells men to suppress instead of express, join author, speaker, and leader Jason Wilson as he calls us to unlearn society's definition of masculinity and discover the power of engaging with our emotions. Excerpt from the book

Stand Strong: 365 Devotions For Men by Men

Dealing with difficult decisions and challenges can put you on shaky ground. These daily devotions will help you stand strong no matter what life throws your way! Written by men for men, 5-minute readings accompanied by Scripture will provide the guidance you need as you seek God's will for yourself, your family, your career, and more. Excerpt from the book

Tech Gifts

AppleWatch-My husband loves his AppleWatch. He mostly uses his to track his jogs and exercise, but his is also useful to track his sleep schedules. I didn't have an AppleWatch until just a couple months ago, but they're pretty incredible! They can even track your heart rate, which is in addition to being useful as a GPS and to make or receive phone calls and texts.

iPad-The iPad offers more portability than a laptop, and there are tons of accessories that can make them operate the same as a laptop. If the man in your life would enjoy the ability to read e-books and take notes, or if he would enjoy a bigger screen for videos or games, he will be thrilled to received this iPad as a gift!

Travel mug

At any given point, I can go out to my husband's car and find at least one travel mug resting in the cup holder. He takes a mug of coffee with him while he's on the way to work every morning, and it stays hot until he's finished. Travel mugs are also great to take on camping & fishing trips, and it's always good idea to have an extra mug or two on hand.

Quarter-zip fleece

Quarter-zip fleece sweaters are the perfect gift for the special man in your life...especially during cooler months. They're just as comfortable and cozy as a sweatshirt, but these sweaters are still nice enough to wear to work. They make layering super easy, too, so grab one of these and a pack of inexpensive long-sleeve tees and he'll be happy (and styling)!

Carhartt lunch cooler

This 12-can lunch cooler would have fit my dad more than anyone else I know! I actually bought him a lunch cooler a couple years ago, and he took it to work every day until he couldn't work anymore. In our household, we live pretty frugally, so we take our lunch to work as much as we can, and a lunch cooler is always better than hauling lunch in a plastic bag. For those reasons, I believe this Carhartt lunch cooler will be a hit.


I've included several options that cover all styles, so I'm confident that, with these, you'll be able to find the perfect gift for your man!

Patagonia Cap- Our household loves Patagonia because of the company's values. As of this year, all of Patagonia's profits ($100million+) will be used to protect undeveloped land along with out planet. So, with this Patagonia cap, not only will you be purchasing a gift the special man in your life will greatly appreciate, but you will also be playing a small part in taking care of the earth. That's a win-win!!

Carhartt Beanie- This beanie is for the guy who likes to be a little more casual and warm. If he spends a good bit of time working outside in the cold, this is the gift for him. Comfy, cozy and fashionable...a great gift all the way around!

Under Armour Cap- This cap is for the man who tends to be a little more on the athletic side. Basically, if a necklace or scarf is the accessory that gives off a style statement for women, the cap does the same for men. Under Armour has been a hit brand for years now, too, so I have a feeling this cap will be a popular gift.

Slim wallet

Gone are the days where carrying a large wad of cash is necessary, but most men are still carrying bulky wallets around in their back pockets, and those things are just not comfortable to sit on. This gift comes with a warning...some men are married to their bulky wallets and unwilling to change. However, if you've heard a comment or two about him needing a new wallet, these slim wallets are great! They can still hold a good many cards and some emergency cash, and they're much, much slimmer than their predecessors and they're also easier to carry around.

Shaving kit

Why a shaving kit as a gift? Because shaving kits are equivalent to a toolbox, and no one buys them for themselves. My husband's shaving kits goes with us every overnight trip we take, and it holds everything. It holds all of the toiletries he wants to bring, and it holds my most of my makeup and toiletries, too. In one way, if you're buying for your husband, this gift would be like a gift for you, too--ha! Truly, shaving kits are wonderful and this gift will come in handy more than you know.

Quilt-lined brushed flannel shirt

This is the equivalent of the shacket; only, it's for men. Flannel shirts are already well-loved for their durability, sturdiness and sheer coziness, and when you add the quilt lining, this gift becomes a serious top contender of everything on this list. A Quilt-lined flannel shirt can be worn by itself or layered for additional warmth, and according to the reviews, it's extremely comfortable. The look is pretty great, too!

Universal socket tool

Do you know a diy-er? This nifty little socket tool will adjust its size to fit most torque screws, nuts and bolts. It's a great tool to use for home improvement, construction, woodworking, auto repair, or other household maintenance, and it fits perfectly into most power drills for immediate use.

Magnetic telescoping light

I purchased one of these magnetic telescoping light tools for my dad, and he was "singing its praises" within a couple of weeks. He had dropped his keys down into a hard-to-reach spot in his truck, and he grabbed his magnetic tool and snatched them right up. For men who work with vehicles or in workshops all day, or for men who are like my dad and are often dropping things, this tool will be the handiest gift.

Eno camping hammock

Some of the best sleep of my entire life was in an Eno hammock under the stars of an October sky. To be as lightweight as they are, they basically give you a big body hug and they're so incredibly comfortable! This hammock and a mummy sleeping bag are my two favorite things to carry with me if I am going camping, and I'd rather sleep in the hammock than in a tent on the ground. These hammocks are also perfect to tie in between some trees for a comfy reading place or just for a day of calm and relaxation. They tuck into a sack small enough to fit in your hand, and can be easily carried along with a book, a phone & a travel mug. Sounds like a perfect afternoon to me!


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