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For the Baker or Chef

This is the ultimate gift guide for the special baker in your life. From the novice to the most-experienced, each of these gifts come highly recommended with great reviews. Happy shopping and happy gifting!

PureLife stonewashed French linen bib apron

This one-size-fits-most apron is simple, elegant, easy to slip on, and it's machine washable. It also has two deep pockets, which makes this apron very easy to love!

Mixing bowls with lids

I firmly believe no chef ever has enough mixing bowls. We're all just one big day in the kitchen away from running out, so a few extra will be hugely appreciated! Plus, these have lids, so they're perfect for those make-ahead recipes that need to be stored in the fridge for a day or two.

Silicone utensils set

If there is one thing that completely changed my kitchen experiences, it's my silicone utensils. There's nothing more satisfying to a home-chef than to be able to scrape a bowl completely clean of cake or brownie batter, or to scramble some eggs without leaving behind extra residue on the pan. Silicone utensils are a game changer, so don't forget these when shopping for the chef you love.

3-tier cooling rack

What I love about this cooling rack is that it's a major space saver that doesn't come with the risk of knocking over stackable racks full of hot cookies, and these have plenty of room for pies to cool as well. Definitely a great gift option for the baker you love!


A sifter is a must in every baker's arsenal of gadgets. The ability to break up flour and confectioners sugar makes all the difference in a recipe, and sifted ingredients are always more accurately measured. These are so commonly used that they're often one of the items most in need of replacement, so help your baker out by gifting a new sifter.


A KitchenAid mixer is like the holy grail of all kitchen appliances. They make mixing cookie dough a breeze, but they're not only good for batters. There are attachments for breads, for cutting pastas, for grinding meat and more, which is why this gift would qualify as the Big Item on this list.

Ceramic baking dish set

Clear glass baking dishes will get the job done, but there's something that feels special to a host when serving guests from pretty baking dishes. This ceramic dish set comes with three baking dishes in a soft white, and they're all highly reviewed. The smallest, a 6.5-inch dish, is the cutest for vegetables and cobblers or desserts.


Ramekins were originally used for making individual dishes like soufflés or creme brûlée, but they've grown even more popular in these charcuterie-crazed days! I use them ALL the time to display different items on my boards. I use them for sauces and mustard. I use them for parmesan cheese when I'm serving soup. I use them more often than most of my dishes, which is why I believe every home-chef needs a good set of ramekins in the cabinet.

Magnolia Table Volumes I & II

I bet every home chef has day dreamed about living a day in the life of Joanna Gaines. While I don't have a link for a day in Joanna's life, I do have some links for something that will get you close! "Magnolia Table: A Collection of Recipes for Gathering," Volume I and Volume II have many of Joanna's most loved recipes and tips for hosting, making these the perfect gift for the special chef in your life.

Gray stoneware pie plate with ruffled edges

This is the cutest pie plate on the internet, and it's perfect for quiches, soufflés, breads, pies and more! It's a deep dish with deep ruffles, so everything made in it will be beautiful in addition to being delicious.

Scoop set

There's nothing more disappointing than perfecting a cookie recipe and then getting less-than-stellar results because the dough wasn't uniformly laid onto a cookie sheet before baking. A good cookie scoop will solve that problem. These scoops are also great for getting those cute little balls of melon served on graze tables or gift showers

Dish Towels

Now, I know the chef you love has plenty of dish towels; however, towels are the first to get stained and wear out, so a new set of kitchen towels is always refreshing to receive every once in awhile. These are really cute, too! Oh, and before I forget, they're environmentally friendly--made with cotton and up-cycled denim, so these are a win-win for everyone!

Bavaria bundt pan

For those who don't cook a ton, you might be tempted to think of the wiggly congealed salads your grandma or great-aunt used to make back in the seventies. I personally love a good congealed salad, so there's no judgment from me! But, bundt pans are still very much-loved by avid bakers. They can turn the simplest cake into a masterpiece, and that's one reason I recommend this pan. Just look at it...any cake baked in this jewel is going to be beautiful, and I am certain your baker friend will love it just as much as I do!


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