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For Teen Girls

Cute sweats, booties, a makeup mirror and the Beats by Dre headphones...this list contains a little bit of it all, and I have no doubt the perfect gifts for your teen will be found right here.

Live on Purpose-Sadie Robertson

This book is excellent for any young lady old enough to read. Personally, I believe it's a great book for young adult females, too! This book will your teen strive to fulfill her God-given purpose confidently and without apology.

Beauty Box Subscription

Subscription boxes are soo much fun to receive! There are ALL kinds and several I've used and loved, but for someone who has never received a subscription box or someone who wants the element of surprise without spending a fortune, this Walmart Beauty Box is a great place to start! For less than $7 each box, your teen will receive 6 beauty and lifestyle samples. In comparison, an Ipsy bag includes 5 sample items for $12 per month, so the value in this Walmart Beauty Box is BIG!

Stitch Fix Subscription ($25 credit through the link below!)

This is one of my favorite things I've ever gifted to myself. Truly! Once every 3 months, I receive a box with 5 items in it, ranging from tops to booties, work pants, jewelry, dresses, and so on.

With Stitch Fix, you get a personal stylists who sends you clothes based on style quizzes you take and suggestions you make throughout the year. Keep what you want. Send back the rest. It's awesome!

After a couple of boxes, my stylist got to know my tastes very well, and no kidding, she chooses better for me than I would choose on my own, so if you know a teen girl who really enjoys clothes but isn't too keen on shopping, a Stitch Fix Subscription would be an AMAZING gift. She can receive items curated for a work wardrobe, pajamas, workout clothes and just about anything else she'd like. These boxes are highly customizable, which is why they are the top clothing subscription service around.


Beats headphones-These headphones are the closest thing I've ever been to a real-live concert in the comfort of my own home. I don't know how to describe them other than they have the ability to cancel outside noise like no other, and the sound they put out is the best any set of headphones has ever accomplished. If your teen loves listening to music, these Beats will be a MAJOR hit!

Apple Watch-I tend to be a little late to the game when it comes to electronics. I didn't own a smartphone until at least a decade after the first iPhone came out, and I bought my first Apple watch a couple months ago so I could track my workouts and exercise, but since I've had it, I've become a big fan of the ability to make and receive calls and texts from it, too. I am also always on the road, so the ability to use the watch's GPS without having to look at my phone is a win in my book. There's many more reasons your teen will be thrilled to receive an Apple Watch than just the ones I've listed, so if you choose this gift, I have no doubt that she will be thrilled!

Beats by Dre Earbuds-These have everything about them that the headphones have, except they're earbuds. I don't believe you could go wrong with either choice, but if your teen tends to move a lot, these Beats earbuds could be a better option. Keep in mind, the Beats headphones will always have a superior sound to earbuds; however, your teen's daily activities could make one a better option over the other.

Hair & Makeup

Makeup mirror- Do you have a makeup-obsessed teenager? This magnifying mirror puts every detail of the face in view and makes achieving that winged eyeliner a breeze. The lights on this mirror also provide a higher quality light than one can receive in a bathroom or bedroom and would be a perfect smaller gift for your make-up loving teen.

Hair clips- I've been seeing these exact same hair clips all over the place. We live in a college town, and all the girls seem to be wearing them. They're cute and definitely a popular choice and would make the best stocking stuffer!


Jean Ador canvas fashion sneakers-There are a TON of color options for these shoes on Amazon, and they have great reviews. They're all super cute and would be everything I wanted to where to school when I was a teen.

House slippers- I have a pair of these and love them so much that I included these on my gift guide for women, too. They're incredibly comfortable and cozy, and I'd live in them every day if I could. That's exactly why your teen will love them because there's nothing like being comfy in pajamas and house slippers all weekend long.

Taupe Booties- The color of these booties will work with nearly every outfit, and I believe every teen girl (and grown woman, for that matter) needs a good pair of cute booties. These are also slip-on, which I'm certain will be much-appreciated!

Sweatsuit- I feel like teens get to live the dream...daily. I'd LOVE to be able to wear a cute sweatsuit all day and get away with it. Our pre-teen is obsessed with sweats, and these from Amazon are adorable; plus, like the fashion sneakers, there are countless options to choose from, so I am sure you'll find the perfect pair for your teen.

Travel mug

Does it seem like your teen is always rushed to get to school in the mornings? Hurrying out the door with whatever breakfast she can grab before getting to her vehicle? That's why a cute, new travel mug is another awesome idea as a smaller gift for your teen.

Tote bag

It will hold the notebooks, the makeup, the cellphone and even a few books. Tote bags were always the items that wore out the quickest when I was a teen, so a new one will be highly appreciated and very-well loved!


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