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For Teen Boys

Beanies, a gaming chair, Hey Dudes shoes, Beats by Dre headphones, an AppleWatch, cool joggers and soo much more. This is the gift list of every teen boy's dreams, whether he will admit it or not.

Becoming Who I Am

In a world that is constantly telling your teen boy what he should or shouldn't be, and sometimes a world that's telling him what he already is (a definition not always based on Godly values), I believe he should get to decide instead of letting the world decide for him. This book will help guide his decision by Godly principles and will provide scripture to help him along the path.


Beats by Dre Headphones- These headphones are the closest thing I've ever been to a real-live concert in the comfort of my own home. I don't know how to describe them other than they have the ability to cancel outside noise like no other, and the sound they put out is the best any set of headphones has ever accomplished. If your teen loves listening to music, these Beats will be a MAJOR hit!

Beats by Dre Earbuds-These have everything about them that the headphones have except they're earbuds. I don't believe you could go wrong with either choice, but if your teen tends to move a lot, these Beats earbuds could be a better option. Keep in mind, the Beats headphones will always have a superior sound to these earbuds; however, your teen's daily activities could make one gift a better option over the other.

AppleWatch-I tend to be a little late to the game when it comes to electronics. I didn't own a smartphone until at least a decade after the first iPhone came out, and I bought my first AppleWatch a couple months ago so I could track my workouts and exercise, but since I've had it, I've become a big fan of the ability to make and receive calls and texts from it, too. I am also on the road a lot, so the ability to use the watch's GPS without having to look at my phone is a win in my book. There's many more reasons your teen will be thrilled to receive an AppleWatch than just the ones I've listed, so if you choose this gift, I have no doubt that he will be thrilled!

Shower speaker- Our kids are always listening to music, and there's no better way to start a morning than listening to some upbeat tunes. This shower speaker will help your teen wake up and begin his day in the very best mood; plus, it looks super cool so there's no doubt he will be happy to receive it.

Amazon Echo Dot- This little thing just keeps that music flowing--ha! In addition to playing any song you can think of, you can also use the Echo Dot to play games, take calls and more. It's a smart speaker, and if you've never used one, get ready to be amazed because they're super cool!


Gaming chair-I have a confession to make...I don't understand the fun of gaming. I never understood my brother's love for it when we were growing up, and apart from my Guitar Hero days, I've never been able to stay inside and game for fun. With that being said, I know gaming is a big deal for lots of teen boys, and if that's the case with yours, this gaming chair is the real deal based on the reviews. The backrest is higher than a regular office chair, so it provides more support and comfort than I get sitting at my office computer. I might actually need to replace my chair with this one--ha! This one looks really cool, too, and I'd be willing to bet your teen would be impressed you even thought of this gift!

Xbox Elite controller-Much like the gaming chair, I won't even pretend to know what I am talking about when it comes to gaming controllers. However, I can definitely tell you all the reviews say this is the best of the best when it comes to Xbox controllers, far superior to the standard Xbox wireless controllers. If you have a teen boy who loves to game, you may have already heard about the Xbox Elite controller, and if so, here's where you can find one!

Digs & Kicks

Hey Dudes Shoes-I included these shoes in the list for men, too, because they're one of the highest rated casual shoe for all men, young and grown. For good reason, too. My sister actually has a pair of these (yep, they make them for women, too!), and she loves hers. I tried them on one time, and apart from my boat-feet being a tad too big for hers, I can easily see why they'd be a favorite. They're incredibly comfortable and lightweight, providing support while also giving the feeling of being barefoot.

Under Armour Fleece Joggers-Lightweight, drawcord jogger pants with all the best reviews coming from moms and grandmothers of??? You guessed it! Teen boys. They're comfortable and sweats aren't ever going out of style, so grab a pair of these joggers for the teen you love.

Beanies & Baseball Caps-While your teen might not ever admit it out-loud, he cares about fashion, and beanies are just "cool," ya know? The same is true for baseball caps, and I've found some of the most popular--and stylish--in both categories. Check these out and read the reviews to see what I mean. Teen boys love them!

Under Armour Sweatshirt- Comfortable, athletic, warm and Under Armour- four of the best qualities in anything you could gift to your teen. We all know teens love to lounge, so this Under Armour Sweatshirt will give your teen boy the ability to do that in style!


The Galloways

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