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Fig and Almond Cake with Whipped Cream Cheese Frosting & Candied Walnuts in Maple Syrup

The yummiest almond cake, soft on the inside and crusty on the outside, then topped with a whipped cream & cream cheese frosting, fresh figs, and candied walnuts in maple syrup. This is the dessert of your dreams!

I LOVE fresh figs and haven’t yet figured out a way to eat them in moderation when I can get my hands on them. Did anyone else have parents or grandparents who ate fig newtons? Mine did, and I’d always sneak a couple any time I saw them out in the open.

Well, fig newtons have nothing on the real deal, and it’s still fig season in my part of the country! My cousin has a small orchard in his yard, too—along with an abundance of figs, so the last couple of times I’ve visited Tennessee, I’ve come back with bags full of them.

They’re beautiful little things, don’t you think?! In the world of charcuterie, all it takes is just a couple of fresh figs sliced open and placed on a board with some salami, olives, and what the kids like to call “stinky cheese,” and the board immediately looks like a work of art.

The same is true for this cake. Baking a cake from scratch cannot get any easier than this one. It’s a delicious almond cake batter topped with an incredibly yummy whipped cream & cream cheese frosting, and finished with fresh figs and walnuts in maple syrup.

If you have access to fresh figs and a couple of extra hours to spare, try this recipe! You’ll be glad you did!


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