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Creating a Beautiful Design and an Inviting Tablescape for Less Expense

I LOVE decorating my home and making the environment warm and cozy for my family and guests. I also love saving money, and quite often in society, those two hobbies don't pair well with one another.

My husband is a CPA, and I've been budgeting monthly expenses from the moment I entered into adulthood. One joke we share with one another is our ability to "pinch a penny and make a dime," but it's true; we just don't like spending money on things that don't give back in some way. With that being said, I believe much can be given to others from my home and table, even if I don't see the need to set it with expensive dishes I'd miss if they happened to get broken.

So, how do we do it? How do we create a beautiful tablescape like the one you see in the photo without spending a ton of money? Let me share with you four of the best tips I have:

Purchase a set of neutral colored plates and use them for every table setting.

Rather than purchasing a new set of dishes for every tablescape and then having to worry about finding storage space, have a good set of neutral dinnerware that you can use for every table setting. I use white because there isn't one color that will clash. During the Spring, I can use soft yellows and pinks; for Fall, I can accent with some burnt orange or burgundy, and at Christmas, I can finish my table with silver or glittery festive whites. Sticking with one set of dishes you love will be key to keeping your decorating costs at minimum.

Use the same base in every centerpiece and change out the bigger floral pieces.

My husband bought me a giant dough bowl on our honeymoon, and it's one of my favorite gifts. I have used it as a platter for my graze boards several times, but I use it, most often, as the centerpiece for my dining table. It works perfectly for us because it isn't too tall, so it won't block the view of my guests when we're eating at the table and because it's so big, there is plenty of room to play with what goes in it.

I purchased two garlands from Hobby Lobby a couple years ago, and they have remained in the dough bowl ever since. This provides the perfect base of greenery for my centerpiece, no matter the season. During Christmas, I add frosted ferns and large ornaments. During Fall, I use dried oats, brown pampas grass and burgundy eucalyptus, and for the centerpiece pictured in this post, I added some soft pink peonies and white roses for a sweeter ambience fit just for Valentine's Day.

Shop at Dollar Tree.

For real, friends, Dollar Tree is my jam. You can find modern hurricane vases for a candle-lit table, plate chargers that only need a touch of matte spray paint, or stemware that no one will ever know only cost $1. There is no sense in breaking the bank when you can make a table just as pretty as Pottery Barn can for only a fraction of the cost.

Purchase one good set of nice drinking glasses or goblets and use for every table setting.

I purchased one nice set of goblets from Amazon, and they're what I use for most of my table settings. This tip is very similar to my first to purchase one good set of neutral dinnerware, and it really goes a long way when it comes to saving money on your dining room decor.

Mine are clear and can be used year round and keep my table looking classy, but you could also use a neutral smoky color or your ninety-nine cent stemware from Tip #3, and any of the above will look fantastic.

Check out this tablescape in live action on YouTube by following this link.


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