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Charcuterie Board for the New Year

It's no secret the Galloways really love graze boards. I mean, it is in the name of our blog..ha! They're so much fun to make, and they are fully customizable for the lucky snackers who get to take part in devouring it when you're finished.

This one was extra yummy, too. I wanted to make one a little different, one to fit the New Year's theme that featured all of the traditional foods you'd enjoy on the Holiday, but with a very non-traditional twist. When I think about New Year's Day meals, I think about the feasts my mom would fix for our family. She really put on a spread!

There's an unspoken rule for those of us who live in the South: you eat pork on New Year's Day. Sure, fish is "lucky," too, but we Southerners really love our bacon. Then, there's something green: turnip greens, spinach, cabbage; and don't forget the black eye peas. So, while considering my options as a proper Southern female, I made this charcuterie board with all of those things in mind.

INGREDIENTS for the board:

Bacon-wrapped dates stuffed with goat cheese

Hot spinach dip

black eye pea hummus

zesty potato roses because...why not?!

You can follow each link above for the recipes or watch the video below, but my main reason for writing this post is to help all of you who love making these charcuterie boards find ways to branch out into new areas and foods you would have never thought to feature. Get creative and take a little walk on the wild side with what you feed your guests. I promise, they won't complain!

I'll also include a recipe card for the black eye pea hummus because I haven't written about it yet, and let's be honest, hummus does NOT look pretty in photographs, but it IS super yummy.

Here's the link to our video on YouTube. We show you the process of making this board along with some recipes to help you along the way. We hope you enjoy, and happy creating!!


The Galloways

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