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Anthropologie Matte Black Plate Charger Hack (Dollar Tree Dupe)

I was browsing on Pinterest a few days ago and stopped at a photo of a beautiful tablesetting on which the designer had used some matte black plate chargers, fresh greenery and lots of candles. It was a table set for a wedding, and it was absolutely beautiful!

Often, when I look at those photos, being the penny pincher I am, I think to myself, "oh well isn't that nice--I won't do that because I'm not paying Anthropologie prices." BUT, when I was at Dollar Tree a couple of days later, I saw these bright silver plate chargers and smoky drinking glasses and thought I would just buy them and recreate the look for a fraction of the price. If you don't shop at Dollar Tree, you should start immediately after reading this post. Let me tell you "you're welcome" in advance...ha!

This project was super simple and takes very little skill. I used some matte black spray paint I had sitting around the house leftover from when I refinished the outside of an old rusty grill, sprayed a couple of light coats on the chargers, and after they dried, I went over them with some matte finishing spray just to make sure the paint wouldn't chip off too quickly.

I am very pleased with how the project turned out! The black is bold, and when I calmed it down a little with the white plates and the natural tones of the jute placemats I bought from Walmart, it came together very nicely.

Oh--and about that greenery, it was leftover from the stems of the flowers Kendall Grace used to make a centerpiece for a video on YouTube. When you start crafting and you want to save money, you learn to never throw anything away because you never know when you'll find a resourceful way to use it for another project.


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