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Alfie & Gem Minimalist Tablescape: Natural, Handwoven Seagrass Placemats

We live in a culture of excess, and I’ll be the first to tell you I am just as blown away as the next person is when I see that 12-foot-long table fully decked out with the linens, the flatware, the candlesticks, flowers, stemware and more.

It’s true; I LOVE all things home decor, but even more than all the pretties, I love hosting. Actually, I love the memories made while I’m hosting: the laughter, the connection, the growth.

It was my love for hosting that helped me completely refocus when I’m preparing to invite others into my home. I’ve been to events with the super fancy decorations, and I’ve been to events where the scene is casual and the table setting is simple— and I always feel much closer to my authentic self when I’m connecting with others in a casual environment.

There’s definitely a time and place for pulling out all the stops and making that dining room table a showpiece!! But, if your hospitality goals involve creating a space where your guests feel cozy—like they’re in their own home—keep the decor low-key and spend your extra effort going all out on the food!

I recently came across a shop on Etsy called Alfie & Gem that’s quickly becoming a favorite. The shop owner, Gemma, has created a collection of minimalist home decor pieces that check all the boxes when it comes to creating a beautiful, yet casual ambience for your guests.

Side Note:

Gem also has a blog I’m loving because I’ve “inherited” several snake plants that have multiplied like crazy, and Gem recently shared some tips about how to care for them. I’m a big fan because I’m now overflowing with snake plants—thanks, Mom. When you have some free time, check out Gemma’s blog and be sure to find some photos of her super cute, furry business partner, Alfie, too!

Her Woven Seagrass Placemats, however, are what really caught my attention.

They’re neutral perfection, which means you can use them with literally everything. I’m a major fan of soft grays, so I love how she has set the placemats with gray, muted patterned linens. The cleanest, coziest tablescapes don’t involve very much, which is another reason why I love them! To complete this look, it only takes a couple of pieces of neutral dinnerware, a white tablecloth (or none at all), some cutlery and a small, simple floral arrangement. These are all things most of us have in our homes already, so there will be no breaking the bank today! Another WIN!

Why I love these placemats:


There’s something special about having items in my home that were made by hand. It feels personal and even better when I know I’ve purchased something that helps another person accomplish their dream.


Made from sea grass, an underwater plant, which means these are biodegradable, so I can decorate minimally AND with a clean conscious that I’m not buying clutter for my house or clutter for the earth.


I know I’ve already said that, but truly, they’re just so pretty! Not only can they be used as a placemat for your table, but they can also be used as a wall accent. Just look at this photo…

Cute, huh?

Right now, Alfie & Gem is offering a buy one, get one half-off with their placemats and woven sea grass coasters, so hop on over to their Etsy shop so you can start creating your own minimalist tablescape as soon as possible!


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