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Blake Hill Preserves is an English fruit preservatory in Vermont creating innovative jams, marmalades and condiments for the modern pantry. Combining three generations of preserve-making skills with innovative, super elegant flavors and the finest ingredients.

Growing up in England, Vicky spent childhood summers on farms and foraging with her family for the finest fruits to make jam for a pantryful of preserved treats for enjoyment year round - a family tradition handed down through generations of sustainable living from the land. Joe grew up 1,400 miles away in Gibraltar - a British colony on the tip of the Iberian peninsula, with a Spanish, North African and Italian cooking heritage, and a natural intuition of the unique characters and best uses for a wide range of spices. Add to this their ten years working and traveling throughout Asia, South America and the Middle East before settling in the US, Blake Hill embodies a unique blend of preserve making traditions with a deep love and appreciation of flavors around the world.

Blake Hill Preserves

Vicky & Joe
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